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Manager: Avdhut Shingre
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Located in the suburban Powai, in the neo-classic neighborhood of Hiranandani Gardens, this is the third store in Mumbai to open its doors. Although large and spacious, LPQ Powai does not fail to create the inviting and cozy Le Pain Quotidien feel. The dining room is filled with warm, natural light from the store’s floor to ceiling windows, and our traditional furniture and rustic décor complete the look. Unique to Powai is a beautiful bar area and a library nook, complete with an assortment of books, rolling ladder, soft armchair seating and brick walls. Gather around our communal table and enjoy taking a break from the city.

Rodas Hotel, 1st Floor
Central Avenue
Hiranandani Gardens
Powai, Mumbai, 400076

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:(+91) 022 6671 3030

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Mon-Sun 8:00am-12:00am